Children to elders, everyone likes peanuts (very much known as Kadkekai/shenga). This is prepared in North Karnataka and used in few side dishes. This has been all time favorite of my family. My mother is an expert in this and her grand children call her to prepare this Shenga chutney pudi before visiting her.

Groundnut/Peanut chutney powder can be mixed with Curd/Ghee, tastes good with Dosa/Chapathi/Akki rotti/Jowhar rotti. Apply it on Idli or Bread roast and enjoy the taste.

1. roundnut - 200gms
2. Red chili Powder - 2 Tea Spoon
3. Garlic - 4 pieces
4. Tamarind - 2 pieces (Optional)

5. Salt

1. Dry fry groundnut/peanut and remove the covering.
2. Put Red chili powder, Garlic, salt and pealed Ground nut to the Mix Jar.
3. Grind it till becomes powder.
4. Mix it well and preserve it in air tight Jar.
5. Stays for 3 months.

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Comment by Lois Carter Crawford on March 15, 2012 at 7:50pm


This looks good, but I'm not sure what you do with it. Do you put it on top of foods as a garnish?




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